Distinctions and External Comps

If you’ve ever wondered where to go next with your photography, or looking for a new challenge, it might be worth thinking about going in for external competitions or applying for a distinction.

Below is a list showing the main options, there are others and it’s always worth a search on line.

The Club will give you any advice and assistance you may need on your journey towards distinctions and awards, just ask any committee member for help and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Royal Photographic Society (RPS)

Both members and non-members can apply for Distinctions although non-members will need to join The Society if they gain a Distinction and wish to use it.

The awards are:-

  • Licentiate (LRPS)
    • 10 images presented as a panel which reflect your ability as a photographer.
  • Associate (ARPS)
    • A body of work/project of 15 images of a high standard and a written Statement of Intent.
  • Fellowship (FRPS)
    • A body of work/project of 20/21 images of a distinguished photographic and creative standard and Statement of Intent.

Website –http://www.rps.org/distinctions

The Disabled Photographers Society (DPS)

Disabled Photographers’ Society, a registered national charity promoting photography for people with disabilities, or their carers, or groups or anyone with an interest in helping the disabled.

Like the RPS above, it offers distinctions at the Licentiate (LDPS), Associate (ADPS) and Fellowship (FDPS) levels.

Website:- https://www.the-dps.co.uk/

Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB)

The Awards for Photographic Merit (APM) are open to members of photography clubs affiliated to the PAGB through their Federations, and are at three levels.  At Deal we are affiliated.

The awards are:-

  • Credit (CPAGB)
    • 10 Images are presented to judges one at a time.
    • Entrants must have been an active member of a club for 2 years.
  • Distinction (DPAGB)
    • Entrants must have been an active member of a club for 3 years
    • 15 images
  • Master (MPAGB)
    • Entrants must have been an active member of a club for 5 year
    • 20 images

Website:- http://www.thepagb.org.uk/awards/apm-awards/

The Federation Internationale de L’Art Photographique (FIAP)

Members of Clubs affiliated to the PAGB through their Federation, may apply for International Salon Distinctions.

The awards are:-

  • Artist FIAP (AFIAP)
    • 40 acceptances with 15 different images in 15 different International Salons across 8 countries.     acceptances must be prints.
  • Excellence FIAP (EFIAP)
    • 250 acceptances with 50 different images in 30 different International Salons across 20 countries. 12 acceptances must be prints
    • 2 images must have awards gained in different salons and different countries.-

There are also a further 7 levels that can be gained.

Website:- http://www.thepagb.org.uk/fiap/fiap-distinctions/

British Photographic Exhibitions (BPE)

BPE Awards are called crowns. In order to gain crowns the following criteria must be met.

  • Each entry accepted into a BPE competition gains 1 point.
  • 25 Points entitles the holder to 1 BPE Crown
  • 50 Points entitles the holder to 2 BPE Crowns
  • 100 Points entitles the holder to 3 BPE Crowns
  • 200 Points entitles the holder to 4 BPE Crowns
  • 300 Points entitles the holder to 5 BPE Crowns

Website: –  http://www.britishphotographicexhibitions.org.uk/index.php/awards